My Life as a Model Railroader

I was born and raised in Southern California, spending most of my childhood in San Gabriel Valley, near the Southern Pacific and Santa Fe Railroads. I used to ride my bicycle down to the tracks and watch the Super Chief roar by.

When I was young my family ran the typical O27 Lionel train set around the Christmas tree. Later I was given an HO "layout" built on a formed Styrofoam base. It, however, eventually end up in the garage rafters.

In 1964, a friend showed me his fully functional and sceniced 4' x 8' layout and I was hooked.

After years of perusing model railroad magazines, building various kits and doing some scratchbuilding, I finally joined the Highland Park Society of Model Railroad Engineers (Highland Pacific) as a junior member. This group of expert modelers taught me much of what I know today, about the hobby.

In the mid 1970's, I hung around The Little Depot, a model train shop in Stanton, Ca. rubbing shoulders with the likes of Lonnie Shay and Paul Scoles MMR.

In 1979, I moved to Boise, Idaho to go to school at Boise State University (Go Blue).

I worked at Sunset Sports, in the gun department until, in 1983, I decided to open a hobby shop of my own. Unfortunately, a nice couple moved their complete train shop from Maryland to Boise and opened the same month I did. even with the competition, lasted three years before having to close.

During the 80's, I was a member of Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue Unit and I attained my Emergency Medical Technician Certification with which I volunteered at St. Alphonsus Hospital Emergency Room and Meridian Quick Response Ambulance.

After closing my Hobby Shop, I worked at two Long Term Care facilities. In 1988 I decided to return to California to work on ambulance then go to Paramedic school, where I graduated. I worked on the ambulance until 1991 when I left for medical reasons.

After leaving EMS, I worked at Pacific Coast Hobbies in Riverside, CA. then for an Alarm Co. where during down time I learned the techniques of casting resin and developed my first kits.

In 1995 I moved to Prescott, Arizona and opened another hobby shop, lasted three years, closed and went to work at the competition, The Hobby Bench.

After inheriting my uncles house, I moved to Randsburg, Ca. (a 1897 gold mining town) and pursued my model railroad business. I married my wife, Karen (a Randsburg native), in 2013.

I now produce more than 100 structure and vehicle kits in multiple scales.

Soon, I hope to attempt to earn my own MMR (Master Model Railroader), so wish me luck.

Thanks for listening,

Randsburg, CA.